no es posible borrar archivos en sesión de terminal windows 2012 R2 con discos de perfil de usuario

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y aquí incluyo la parte concreta que sí solucionó el problema (abajo en negrita):


This was resolved a different way for myself.
Having tried all the different options within this thread it turns out that the permissions on the User Profile Recycle Bin were in correct.
Below are the steps required to resolve it.

I gathered the following information about the users.

Administrator users do not have this issue. (Makes sense as it is requesting administrative rights to delete the files for all domain users)
Local Admin users are as above
Local non admin user are able to delete things.
Some people were suggesting that an idea was to delete the recycle bin off of the server, this would work when a user logged on but once they logged off and back on again we started to see the same thing.

Then i found something that related to the Recycle bin that is in the User profile disk, people we saying to remove this and let it recreate the Recycle bin. Doing this did not help at all but did get us a little bit closer.

After deleting the recycle bin that was inside the user profile disk i decided to take a look at the permissions of the recycle bin when it is recreated. Looking at permissions I could see that the users had read rights but no modify or write rights (surely this is needed to put stuff in the recycle bin.) So i gave the users rights to modify and write, this resolved the issue.

The steps that needed to be taken to implement this was as follows

Get the user logged off of the Terminal Server (as being logged on uses the VHDX file of the profile)
On DC find the users SID
Locate the VHDX file for the profile and mount it.
Once mounted, locate the recycle bin and delete it. (Turned from a bin to a folder, delete the folder as well)
Hit refresh to view the newly created recycle bin. Right click and change the security permissions for this
Under the advance security set the Domain users to have modify and write rights and propagate this through the folders
Un-mount the VHDX file and get the user to log in.
Once the user has logged in they will be able to delete the files.


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